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Keterampilan Teknologi Informasi (IT) penting bagi kehidupan sehari-hari. Bersama Ebiz Education Enterprise, Anda akan mendapatkan pelatihan dan keterampilan penting yang diperlukan untuk terus memperkaya pendidikan Anda. Apakah itu memperoleh keterampilan baru, meningkatkan dan menyempurnakan kemampuan Anda saat ini, atau memperoleh pengalaman langsung melalui program magang, kami punya segudang program yang akan membantu Anda mencapai semua yang Anda inginkan.

Pelatihan ITIL + COBIT

ITIL related to COBIT 

The strength within ITIL is the way processes are described with different activities and flowcharts to use for your own implementation. Cost/Benefit and implementation issues are also described. There are also guidelines for reviews and Critical Success Factors, but those issues are better described in COBIT. First of all COBIT was defined by IT-audit community with a strong skill within audit, where its “Audit Guidelines” is thorough set of advice for an audit or review. COBIT is also stronger when it comes down to management issues where “Management Guidelines” provides you with a reference where Critical Success Factors are described together with Key Goal Indicators, Key Performance Indicators and Capability Maturity Models (CMM).

When we benchmarked ITIL with COBIT we identified that they correspond with each other to a high degree. It is though obvious that different words are used for the same issue and they cover the same problem. It is only for Incident Management that we haven’t been able to identify any relation in COBIT. This doesn’t mean that it is not covered at all, instead it may be covered within other parts of the framework or with a different approach 


Provides best practice guidance for IT Service Management
  • It aligns IT to business service needs
  • A quality approach that leverages the management of:People,Processes,Technology

  • System administrators
  • System programmers
  • Information Technology (IT) management
  • Other IT professionals
*minimum kuota kelas jalan 3 orang peserta. 

Fasilitas Training :
  1. Training Module
  2. Sertifikat Training
  3. Trainer – IT IL + COBIT Certified Trainer
  4. Training Stasionary
  5. Lunch and 2X CoffeeBreak

Full Day Class
Opening Class




4 Day ( 24 Hour )
09.00 s/d 16.00 Wib
Running In end of July 2012*
Rp 6.500.000,-/ person
Training Module, Sertifikat, Training Stasionary, Lunch & 2X Coffee Break
Ebiz Education Enterprise (AMD Center Building)
Jl Pucang Anom Timur No.23 Surabaya 60282

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